Had to visit the Severn at Pixham to see the revetment carried out by the EA for Flood Defence purposes. It seems that the bank required armouring to slow down erosion, and although an initial cause for concern, it may be that the stable layer of heavy rocks will actually make fishing more comfortable. The swims were in fact easier to fish at low water, and if the rocks stay in place, no detriment to the fishing. We shall see.

The afternoon was spent at the BS stretch at Bransford, and with low, warm water it was not going to be easy. I had four chub and a barbel of about eight, so not bad considering conditions. There have been several nines and a ten from Bransford this season, and a nicer bit of river you could not ask for, with proper steps and secure car parking close to your swim. I will be back in a week or so, after a flush of rain has freshened the river and got the barbel moving.

I returned down South for a day fishing for the mullet in Christchurch Harbour, and was jammy enough to take a fish just over seven pounds. They are tricky, enigmatic fish, and sitting in a boat in the wide open expanse of the harbour made a nice change from the river bank. I’ll be back there too!