An Avon barbel is often not expected until July, and the murky river means that the almost essential spotting is quite difficult. The low water levels, high temperatures and lack of streamer weed seem to have produced a more dense algal bloom than usual; the river will often take well into July to clear, but seems exceptionally coloured for the time of year.

Pleased therefore to take a fit and feisty seven pound barbel in a catch of eleven chub this afternoon. The chub were in a greedy mood, as is likely early season, and they went bonkers for a simple pellet rig, just aimed at getting a few bites. Actually, at least one of the chub was caught twice, and he did not take long to recover and come back for more.

The chub were all in quite good condition, and fought very well, and were mostly around four to five pounds, with one just topping six pounds.

A day or so later I was pestered by smaller fish, with sparkling little fish of barely a pound wolfing down the pellets. The Avon chub population is looking very healthy, with some very big fish, and a good range of year classes in evidence. The Avon chub fishing has probably never been as good as it currently is on the middle river.