Here is a flyby video over our sections of river that we run on the River Trent at Sutton and Normanton and the River Severn at Pixham Ferry.

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River Trent – Sutton

We have 1 1/2 miles of the tidal Trent at Sutton. First impressions can be deceptive as it looks featureless and barren, but there are many underwater features from rocky areas to gravel runs. A tide chart is a must as locals reckon the top of the tide is favourite. A word of warning here is that when the tide turns you will have to retreat fairly quickly, so extra care must be taken at night.

Click Here to read guide to Sutton

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River Severn – Pixham Ferry

Almost a mile of prime Lower Severn at Pixham Ferry, a stretch steeped in barbel-fishing history and memorable captures for many, with numerous doubles to nearly 16lb and some momentous bags of fish. Famous swims like the Green Door, Cables and Wasps Nest have produced stunning sport in the past, and with the river in this area rapidly returning to former glories, we see this an excellent acquisition. There is easy access to the downstream swims for those who do not want to walk far, with plenty of room for those who wish to explore the water further. Night fishing is allowed.

Pixham Ferry guide from Stephen Hodges

Bankside Interview with Stephen Hodges

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River Trent – Normanton

Situated just down river from Sutton-on-Trent, separated by Grassthorpe, we have a further mile of the stunning River Trent.
There is plenty to go for, for all anglers on this fishery from very large barbel or the legendary tidal Trent roach. The skies are often filled with the red, blue and white smoke in summer from the RAF’s Red Arrows practicing their display routines out of the nearby RAF Scampton.

Like Sutton, Normanton is tidal and knowing the tide tables is essential for success.

Affiliations and Discounts
If you know of any suitable waters that you feel would be of interest to the Society, then please drop us a line giving as much information as possible. But be aware it is not Society policy to wrestle waters from clubs with open membership by gazumping them, not only would it be unethical, it would also be a pointless exercise.

Fishery Prices

Please note you must be a current BS Member to join a fishery.

16th June 2024 – 14th March 2025

Single Fishery Permit

Pixham: Full Adult £38
Sutton: Full Adult £90
Normanton: Full Adult £65
Combined Sutton / Normanton £135

To JOIN one of our fisheries please click here

If places do become available for general uptake to any Society fishery after a waiting list has been exhausted, links and instruction how to obtain a fishery permit will be posted here

Guest Tickets. Each member can use 3 x 24 hour guest tickets per season
The maximum stay for a guest (who must be a member of the Barbel Society) is 48hrs and the member must accompany their guest on the trip. It is the members responsibility to ensure their guest fully complies with fishery rules. To purchase Guest tickets Click Here

Fishery Rules
    1. Permit and ticket holders only allowed on a fishery
    2. Membership cards and permit books must be carried at all times
    3. On entering and whilst on the fishery local residents must be respected and noise kept to a minimum
    4. Close & lock all gates without exception ensuring the lock is secure and codes not left visible
    5. No driving on or parking on the top of flood banks at Sutton. Offenders risk losing their permit
    6. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only
    7. Anglers must hold a valid EA rod licence and produce it on request to a fishery bailiff, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the fishery and/or further action taken
    8. Members may fish the same peg for a maximum of 3 nights (72 hours) in one session and must not return to that peg for at least 2 days
    9. No more than 2 rods to have lines in the water fishing at any time
    10. Unhooking mats or cradles must be used and be open and ready to receive fish at all times
    11. Anglers should be familiar with the Society Handling Code and should comply without exception
    12. All fish must be returned
    13. Members shall not enter or tamper with any farm building, , crop, livestock, fences, vehicles or machinery
    14. No dogs or other animals allowed on the fishery
    15. No bankside alteration or tree pruning allowed without consent of a fishery bailiff or manager
    16. Glass bottles & tins are not permitted on the fisheries
    17. All litter to be removed from the fishery
    18. Where toilets are not available and it is not practical or hygienic to remove personal waste products, bury them completely, well away from the fishing area.
    19. Non prescribed behavioural changing substances, including alcohol, are banned. Anyone affected by such substances whether consumed or administered on a society fishery or not will be in breach of this rule
    20. All audio or recording device including telephones shall be used with discretion and without annoyance to others
    21. No keepnets are permitted for any species without committee permission. Tubes/sacks may be used for limited periods for photograph/weighing purposes
    22. No competition or pegged fishing
    23. Swims may not be reserved for any reason
    24. No leads or feeders of a breakaway or fixed wire design may be used
    25. No camping and lighting of fires is allowed on society waters. Bivvies’ and camping stoves are allowed so long as they do not infringe on others
    • Breach Of Any Rule May Lead To The Removal Of Your Fishery Permit
    • The Society Reserves The Right To Utilise Any Of Its Fisheries For Events Upon Giving Due Notice
Safety and Health Statement
Fishery Risk Assessments