In order to claim a river record:

1.The claimant in the first instance should contact the Records Officer for the Barbel Society – Stuart Richardson
2.Data required should include; river, weight of fish, date and time of capture. Photographs of the fish must be made available and of high quality showing the fish from as many different angles as possible (head shot and both sides of the fish). Photographs should not be blurred and should be in colour. They must be of trophy shot style clearly showing the anglers face.
3. An unhooking mat picture showing the fish next to an identifiable object is desirable.
4. Weighing procedure must be described, and in accordance with The Barbel Society handling code
5.Weigh-slings made for purpose will only be accepted as being used in a claim. Zeroed keepnets and landing net heads will not be accepted.
6.Weighing scales made for purpose will only be accepted. The fish, where possible, should be weighed on a second set of scales, preferably by a witness.
7.Preferably two independent witness contact details should be provided. They should agree the final weight of the fish to be claimed.
8.The fish must be caught by fair angling with rod and line. Local club rules and bye-laws must not have been broken.
9.The Records Officer,and the Records Committee reserve the right to turn down any claim that is dubious or does not contain sufficient evidence to back up a claim. It is the claimant`s responsibility to make sure as much evidence is collected at the time of capture to support a claim.
10.On successful completion of a claim it is expected that the claimant will provide a hard copy printed image which will be added to the official River Records files.

British Record Barbel
The current British barbel record was caught by Colin Smithson on 7th November 2019 weighing 21lb 2oz, the fish was caught from an undisclosed river in Sussex.


River Captor Date Captured Weight (lb/oz)
Aire Dave Benson November 2023 16.03
Anker Roger O’Malley October 2022 16.06
Arun Carl Holton November 2003 13.08
Arrow Mick Harris October 2004 12.02
Avon Bristol Stephen Sweeten November 2022 18.00
Avon Hampshire Pete Reading March 2019 19.11
Avon Warwickshire Blu Bradley February 2023 19.08
Blackwater Pete Rolt January 2014 13.08
Bourne Jay Phillips March 2015 12.00
Bure D Gladden August 2010 15.04
Calder Greg Redmond March 2015 11.09
Cherwell Mick Coleman October 2002 13.00
Colne Lancs Dave Ouseley January 2008 11.02
Colne Middlesex Terry Hearn March 2014 17.08
Coppermill Stream Maurice Brown July 2006 10.03
Creedy Neil Vaughan September 2013 7.04
Culm Samuel Powell August 2007 9.15
Dane Phil Booth August 1994 14.04
Dearne Liam Bishell March 2020 16.05
Derwent Derbyshire Koi Croydon August 2023 17.12
Derwent Yorkshire Graham Scott August 2021 13.05
Don James Denison September 2022 15.04
Dove Jim Ufton October 2014 18.06
Drapers Osiers Bed Jim Knight August 2000 7.02
Ember Ash Stockbridge January 2007 9.12
Enborne Martin Brennan March 2007 13.00
Evenlode Steve Russell July 2006 10.14
Exe Simon Cooper October 2011 11.01
Frome Andy Cowley August 1995 10.15
Goyt Jerry Gleeson December 2011 14.08
Holybrook Trevor King October 2003 13.04
Hull Alan Reveley July 2006 12.08
Idle John Power August 2020 11.05
Ivel Richard Callf October 2012 18.06
Itchen Terry Lathwell November 2017 16.10
Kennet Duncan Kellett October 2006 19.05
Lea Ray Kent March 2022 19.14
Leam Trevor Kedney March 2000 11.09
Loddon Steve Fantauzzi February 2008 19.02
Lugg Darren Godall July 1999 10.08
Marden Huw James October 2005 10.12
Mease Phil Hart November 1996 13.00
Medway Pete Woodhouse June 1994 16.02
Mersey Mark Roberts September 2019 12.15
Mole Jim Rowe March 2008 15.06
Nene Gary Johnson August 2016 19.04
Nidd Michelle Thompson August 2016 12.02
Ouse Great Grahame King November 2006 21.01
Ouse Sussex Jeremy Hulbert March 2017 16.06
Ouse Yorkshire Mark Jackson August 2021 13.07
Ouzel Peter Jarvis November 2008 14.10
Potts Stream John Ginifer October 1968 13.08
Rib Phil Buckingham September 2020 9.10
Ribble Jason Fawcett March 2022 17.09
Rother Sussex David Chambers January 2012 16.12
Rother South Yorkshire Dave Preston November 2008 12.04
St Patricks Stream Paul Whiteing October 2017 18.07
Severn Kevin Gittins November 2014 16.11
Soar David Tongue October 2005 13.10
Sow Stewart Bloor August 2006 12.04
Stour Dorset Dave Harman January 2008 18.01
Stour Kent Iain McDonald July 2011 17.06
Stour Suffolk Jonathan Coote July 2006 11.07
Stour Worcester Robert Mitchell August 2023 8.12
Swale Ian Bedford September 2007 14.01
Taff Paul Stratford October 2007 17.02
Tame (Mersey) Jerry Gleeson March 2021 11.14
Tame (Staffs) Damien Jones November 2013 14.08
Tees Daniel Watt September 2009 13.13
Teme John Churchill October 2006 15.07
Thame Jason Smith December 2015 16.14
Thames John Llewellyn February 2019 20.12
Trent Seweryn Kowalski June 2020 20.06
Ure Danny Watt October 2016 12.15
Wandle Anibal Peel March 2012 12.08
Wear Nick Jose August 2008 13.01
Welland Al Taylor September 1966 9.08
Wensum Mark Rylands February 2008 20.12
Wey Andy Little December 2008 17.03
Wharfe Andrew Thomas July 2007 15.08
Windrush Danny Empson June 1998 11.09
Witham Martin Barnett July 2009 13.05
Wye Kevin Clark September 2019 14.12
Yare Chris Turnbull January 2000 10.01
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