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Throop barbel stocking

The famous Throop Fishery on the Dorset Stour has benefited from a boost to barbel stocks with the introduction of 1500 small barbel, in a stocking project organized by the Barbel Society, with funding shared between the BS and controlling club, Ringwood DAA.

The barbel have been marked, and their progress will be monitored by Bournemouth University, who will be asking for catch returns in the next few years to see how well the little barbel survive.

“Stour barbel have suffered a decline in numbers in recent years, most likely due to loss of spawning habitat after extensive dredging work, but there are signs the population is recovering, and along with continued habitat work, the Barbel Society will continue to help with further research and stocking where appropriate” said Pete Reading, Barbel Society Conservation Officer.

“We have been pleased that the EA have provided 10,000 small barbel in stockings further upstream in the last five years, and these small fish will provide a kick-start to a self-sustaining barbel population in the future”

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Research & Conservation Updates

There has been some additions made to the research & conservation projects page on the website:

Research and Conservation Projects

We are planning to add some more detailed information for each project over the coming months.

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Bransford Fish-in 16th August

Saturday 16th August

Advice on Teme barbel fishing and a chance to see the special and secluded fishery.



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