The Barbel Fishing Hall of Fame was founded in 2019 by the Barbel Society as a means of acknowledging outstanding contributions to UK barbel fishing, remembering those whose legacy we build upon and recognising those who keep the flame burning brightly.

The criteria isn’t about who has caught the most or the biggest but more to do with who has influenced barbel fishing and its development and made a lasting contribution.

Someone who has helped to educate and inspire, an innovator, a pioneer, has made a difference – there are many.

Barbel fishing has been around for quite some time and there are a number of people from the past whose influence is still felt today.

We include a list here and information can be found on all these people in the wonderful book, A Can of Worms – The Story of Barbel and the Men Who Fished for Them written by Jon Berry.

The Hall of Fame will concentrate on those whose influence has been felt post war, from the sixties onwards.

Inductions will take place each year and will be announced at the Barbel Show.

The intention is for there to be at least three inductions each year and initially the inductees will be selected by the Barbel Society committee.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton


F W K Wallis, J W Martin, William Bailey, Henry Coxon, Bill Warren, Sonny Warren, S Donald Stone, Ken Clower, William J Howes, Captain L Parker, Delabere P Blaine,

Inducted in 2022 – Tony Miles, Trefor West
Inducted in 2023 –

Tony Miles 1944 – 2016

Tony is one of the first to be inducted into the hall of fame; his influence on barbel fishing has been immense.
Tony was secretary of the hugely respected Coventry Specimen Group who became instrumental in the world of specialist fishing., he was just 23 when he formed this organisation.
Tony was a genuine allrounder and caught many colossal fish of all species but it was the barbel from the Gt Ouse that cemented his place in barbel fishing history, culminating in a specimen of 19lb 2ozs.
He gave many talks to fellow anglers and was part of the Lone Angler set up.
Tony was a prolific author penning a huge number of articles, in excess of 1200, for the various magazines and also seventeen books, some of which have become firmly established in the barbel world, Elite Barbel stands out along with his collaboration with Trefor West on Quest for Barbel.

Trefor West

Trefor is a specialist angler whose catches and status have become legendary.
Trefor was one of the first barbel fishing guides and he designed his own rod for the type of fishing he prefers.
Trefor along with his great friend Tony Miles was co-author of Quest for Barbel and later brought out his own book,
Barbel, A Lifetime’s Addiction.
He was instrumental in the Lone Angler set up.
Trefor was formerly a professional footballer.
A regular on the talk circuit, his presentations have become part of barbel fishing folklore.