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Half Year Membership Offer

Join the Barbel Society on our half season offer for membership and Bransford fishery

Join Here

The BS funds barbel stocking, research and habitat works
Top quality magazines and newsletters
Regional meetings and fish-ins
High quality website and merchandise
Top class exclusive fisheries on Trent, Severn, Teme  (you will need to be a BS member to join a fishery)
Annual Conference and Show

Offer applies from 1st October


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Angling Trust

Please help spread the message about our “Brilliant” video

A few months ago we launched a brilliant new website for anglers – – promoted by comic actor and fellow Angling Trust Ambassador Paul Whitehouse.

Now we need your support…
Please could you help spread the message about Paul Whitehouse’s ‘Brilliant Kid’ video promoting FishingInfo? We need to get as many views of the video as possible recorded, so it is important that people go to YouTube and watch the film.
It would be incredibly helpful if you could include the following text in your e-mail communications, on websites, on social media or anywhere anglers might see it – thank you:

Watch the brilliant Paul Whitehouse video on promoting the brilliant new angling website …all you need for a brilliant day’s fishing!

Many thanks. Your help promoting the video would be much appreciated.

Mark Lloyd
Chief Executive
Angling Trust & Fish Legal

About FishingInfo: provides everything anglers need to plan their fishing trip – from searching for fishing spots to live water levels and weather reports. It also gives information on tackle shops, angling clubs and coaches, is free to use and works on mobiles and tablets too.

Produced by the Angling Trust in partnership with the Environment Agency, Met Office and Post Office, is part of a major nationwide drive to increase participation in angling.

With so much information available to anglers, provides a vital source of reference on all things fishing within a single website.

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New Angling Trust Survey With £900 Worth of Prizes

Take Part and Play Your Part in Rebuilding Angling’s Future

The Angling Trust has launched a major national survey on angling participation and wants anyone who has ever been angling – whether they have dabbled just once or twice, haven’t done it for some time, or are a keen current angler that fishes regularly – to take part and be entered into a prize draw to win £900 worth of tackle.

Take the SURVEY here

The research aims to discover who goes fishing and why, what might encourage them to go more often or try it again, and what deters them from angling now. The results will be used to help address the decline in angling numbers and get more people fishing more often. So please play your part in rebuilding angling’s future and take the survey.

Prize Draw:
As a thank you for contributing to the research, we are offering all participants the chance to be entered into a prize draw for fantastic prizes of tackle vouchers from Glasgow Angling Centre – 1st prize £500, 2nd prize £300 and 3rd prize £100.

Please FORWARD THIS EMAIL to your friends and family
…it doesn’t matter if they’ve only been fishing a few times or only go fishing now and then – it’s important we hear from them too!

Thanks to and our Trade Members
Glasgow Angling Centre for their support

Read the press release about the survey HERE
Prize Draw Terms and Conditions can be found at

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Berkshire Regional Fish-in

A reminder and encouragement for others who haven’t come before

Saturday 3rd October, fish the River Loddon
Sunday 4th October, fish the River Kennet on the Lower Benyons

Places are limited to Eight anglers a day so first come are in
Contact me by e-mail :

I look forward to hearing from you

Paul Rogers – Berks regional orgainiser

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Midlands Fundraiser

A big thank you and congratulations to all who came to and contributed to the inaugural Midlands Fundraiser at the weekend!

We all had a great time, a few barbel and chub were caught despite the low and clear conditions, and we raised nearly three thousand pounds towards the RandC Fund for work on Midlands rivers.

Martin Salter gave an awesome presentation on his mahseer fishing in the Himalayas, the meal and accomodation were excellent, and the atmosphere and social aspects wonderful.

Thanks again to all who made donations and took part, this is what it is all about! A fantastic event!
More details and pics in next newsletter.

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Latest fishing news from the Angling Trust

All the latest fishing news from the Angling Trust and Fish Legal

Register on our new website where you can find live forecasts, river levels, venues, clubs and coaches all in one place.

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Government Faces Legal Challenge After Failing to Protect Some of England’s Most Precious Rivers

Download our infographic for a list of areas suffering from pollution

Thursday 27 August 2015
Government Faces Legal Challenge
After Failing to Protect Some of England’s Most Precious Rivers

The High Court has granted permission for WWF-UK, the Angling Trust and Fish Legal to challenge Defra and the Environment Agency over their failure to protect some of England’s most precious rivers, lakes and coastal areas from agricultural pollution.

The focus of the court case is on habitats that are protected by law and known as Natura 2000 sites (1). They include national treasures like Poole Harbour and the Rivers Avon, Wye & Eden, where pollution is having a harmful impact on species that should thrive in these habitats. The UK government is required by law to take all the necessary steps to ensure they are at good health by December 2015, but it is not going to achieve this (2).

This is because current action is not sufficient to tackle the scale of the problem. To protect these special habitats adequately, WWF, the Angling Trust and Fish Legal want the government to use all the tools at its disposal to ensure these precious places are properly protected and restored for people and wildlife.

This would include Water Protection Zones (WPZs), which were identified by the Environment Agency in 2009 as its preferred tool to reduce pollution if voluntary measures were not successful. (3)

David Nussbaum, Chief Executive, WWF-UK, said: “The health of our rivers and lakes is one of the most critical concerns for WWF-UK, the Angling Trust and Fish Legal. Not only are they vital for important species such as Atlantic salmon, bullhead fish, bittern and kingfisher, but they are also important for recreational activities such as fishing, walking and birdwatching, […]

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