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Barbel Fisher 2

Chairman’s Report Steve Pope
Barbel On The Drop 
Phil Buckingham
Barbel Thoughts Past And Present 
Peter Stone
Deadbaiting for Barbel 
Roger Miller
Autumn Hues
 Paul Garner
Brace of Eight Pounders
 Martin James
Fishing With Fred 
Fred Crouch
The Safety Factor 
Brian Dowling
Nocturnal Rovings 
Steve Chell
District Reports 
A Summer on The Great Upper Ouse Part II 
Andrew Warren
Ribble Ramblings 
Barry Norris
The Awakening 
Dr Terry Baxter
District Reports 
Hampshire & Berkshire
A Summer to Remember
 Adrian Doleman
Fishery Highlight 
Fred Crouch
Beauchamp Court The Early Days
 Des Taylor
West’s Side Story
 Lawrence Breakspear
District Group Report
The Dark Side II 
Michael Ball
Reflections Of A Fisherman’s Wife 
Linda Found
A-Z Directory of Barbel Fisheries