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Barbel Fisher 28

Thoughts From The President Fred Crouch
Pope’s Patch 
Steve Pope
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 
Paul Ashton
Woody Debris – Part 2 
Ian Watson
Mr Magoo Goes Fishing Don Caliendo
Christmas Quiz

Operation Barbeau Trevor Morgan
Letters to the Editor
My Angling Life Dave Brown
It’s Time To Find A New River Tom Herbert
An Invitation From Martin James Fred Bonney
My Angling Times 
Brian Pope
Why Do We Do It? 
Sean Duncan
Getting Down and Dirty!! 
Carolyn Stafford
The Lunn Franklin Emails 
Nick Franklin and Steve Lunn
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way 
Fred Rowlands
Parents & Pupils, Kids & Catching 
Will Golightly
A Worm At One End 
Pete Marshall
The Highs And Lows of 2009 
Paul Seacole
Barbel – A Future Tale
 Les Darlington
My Royalty Memories
 Dave France