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Barbel Fisher 3

From the Editor Gordon Scott 
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Barbel Lines 
Letters to the Editor
Buzzers, Bivvies, Backstabbing & Barbel 
Tony Miles
Two Days on the Teme 
Alan Oliver
Ribble Barbel, Lancashire’s Best 
Martin James
Introduction of Barbel into Rivers-Ethics & Motives 
Simon Johnson
A-Z of Barbel Fisheries Part II
Just a Line
 Martin Hooper
If at First… 
Phil Smith
Stone Fills a Hole
 Peter Stone
Fishery Highlight Kings Weir
 Fred Crouch
Swaledale Magic 
Dr Terry Baxter
How to Lose Those Betalight Blues! 
John Moore
The Twenty Year Story 
Mark Swaby
A Slow Start
 Andrew Walsh
In The Line of Sight 
Paul Garner
Fishing with Fred – The Junior Scene
 Fred Crouch
On Bubbling Barbel and Fickle Feeders
 Phil Buckingham
It Will Remain Dry With Sunny Intervals 
Bob Harrington
Some Enchanted Evening
 Steve Bowyer
The Fish(erman’s) Wife’s Tale! 
Susan Norris
The Current NASA Top 50 Barbel