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Barbel Fisher 4

From the Editor Gordon Scott
Pope’s Patch 
Steve Pope
Stone’s eye View 
Peter Stone
The Obsession Grows 
David Fowler
The Travelling Angler 
John Wall
All Quiet on the Western Front 
Mark Howard
Back to Basics?
 Martin Walpole
Worth Waters 
Martin Ford
‘Wot Strain Line Yer Usin’? 
Stephen Hitch
The Weatherman 
John Gumble
River Habitat Degredation 
Simon Johnson
Float and Flavours 
Michael Scarborough
The Spawning Bed 
Dr. Terry Baxter
Barbel Lines 
Letters to the Editor
You Dirty Rat! 
Tim McManus
A Barbel for Dinner 
Dr. Paul Garner
Reflections of the Past 
Fred Rowland
Dane Delight 
Tony Lord
Return to the Wye 
Barry Norris
More Barbel Lines!
 Stop Press!
From the Corkboard
 Paul Elliott
Last Minute Luck
 Phil Howell
Barbel Fishing on a Budget 
Dean Pettitt
Kennet Campaign (The Junior Scene) 
Alan Stagg
Conference ’97 Review
Two Days on the Bransford Fishery
 Martin James
Beyond the Comfort Zone 
Andrew Warren
Yorkshire Derwent Barbel
 Chris Caller
Seve(r)nth Heaven! 
Linda Found
Long Range Barbel 
Alan Ward
Reflections of a Golden Age 
A Tribute to B.V. and ‘Creel’