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Barbel Fisher 5

From the Editor Gordon Scott 
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Oh, What a Perfect Day 
Howard Maddocks
Size is Not Important!
 Mark Bonham
Barbel Lines 
Letters to the Editor
Up Or Down? 
Paul Ashton
Tips From The Top 
Teme Tales (Part One) 
Graham Tremble
Trefor’s Tips
 Trefor West
The Enemy Below
 Bob Harrington
Anything Two Can Do
 Fred Crouch
Barbel Fishing On A Budget 
Vic Homewood
In Praise Of Braids
 Phil Buckingham
This, That and The Other 
Peter Stone
A Pitch Beyond The Wild Garlic
 Andrew Walsh
River Habitat Degradation (Part Three)
 Simon Johnson
Opening Day, And A Very First Barbel
 Stephen Hitch
Harvest Time 
Dr Terry Baxter
The Salmon/ Barbel Swim 
Mark Howard
Chalk and Cheese 
Marvin Elliott
The NASA Top 50 Barbel List
 Brian Dowling
The Baiting Game 
Martin Ford
Junior Round-Up 1997 
The Jnr. Development Panel
The Lower Severn-A History (Part One)
 Steve Pope
How Can I Catch A Double Figure Barbel 
Dean Pettit
Saving Our Rivers 
John Everard
Be Prepared? 
Gordon Scott
Smile For The Camera 
Chris Tabbron