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Barbel Fisher 8

From the Editor
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Modern Times 
Roy Sutton
Round the Bend (Part 2) 
Paul Garner
River-by-River Record List
 Brian Dowling
And It Rained
 Mark Fox
Mike Osbourne
‘Pin Perfect 
Gordon Scott
Barbel Elbow 
Steve Stayner
Active Angling 
Mark Dillon
The Acid Test Reviews
Tipping the Scales 
Terry Baxter
Teme Tales (Part 2)
 Graham Tremble
A Day with Bunny 
Dave Burr
A Season’s Greetings 
Barry Norris
Readers’ Tips
Take a Trip On the Wire
 Martin Ford
The Learning Curve
 Simon Holden
Seeing is Believing 
Steve Beech
Bewdley Bound! 
Colin Brightwell
When Dreams Come True
 Ian Stuchfield
Preparing to LEAP! 
Ralph Clark
Letters to the Editor