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Barbel Fisher 6

From the Editor Gordon Scott 
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
Double Trouble 
Bob Charles
Four Rods Good, Two Rods Bad 
Roy Sutton
August at Arley 
Chris Wood
One Rod or Two? 
Chris Lyons
News and Reviews various
Back-end Bonus 
Gary Thompson
Letters to the Editor
All of a Quiver 
Laurie Harper
Tips From The Top 
New Trousers 
Pete Smart
How to Teach and Old Barbel New Tricks 
Dr. Paul Garner
A Floodwater Lesson Learned
 Mark Fox
Twilight Gold
 Dr. Terry Baxter
The Insanity Zone
 ‘Captain Mad’
Confrontation on the 
Martin Porter
A Day to Remember
 Mark Dillon
A River Ouse Record 
Adrian Busby
Severn Barbel in February 
Peter Lusher
A Barbel’s-eye View 
Martin Ford
Oh – No!!
 Steve Redman
When Small is Big 
Steve Chell
A Passion for Angling 
Ralph Clark
Kennet Gold 
Alan Stagg
The Lower Severn-A History (Part Two) 
Steve Pope