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Barbel Fisher 7

From the Editor Gordon Scott 
Pope’s Patch
 Steve Pope
North of Watford 
Paul Cook
Here, There and Everywhere
 Steve Choney
Boys’ Own Fun
 Peter Stone
River Lea Barbel
 Tommy Barnes
Heaven at the Haven
 John Merrifield
A Great Day’s Fishing! 
Adam Hill
Round the Bend (Part One) 
Paul Garner
Hooked on the Severn 
Paul Hamilton
The Acid Test Reviews
Chris Lyons
Thinking Opposites 
Ed Green
Dark Sunsets Falling 
Steve Chell
A Day of Learning 
Mark Dillon
Junior Day 1998, Wasing Estate
 Fred Crouch
The Elusive Sussex Barbel 
Mark Howard
The Flying Tag 
Graham Bowen
Brave New World 
Matt Hayes
Grey Day Barbel 
Gary Thompson
Barbel Doubleitus
 Mark Bonham
On the Wings of a (Derbyshire) Dove 
Steve Stayner
Throop, Past, Present & Future 
G. Sutcliffe/ D. Cutler
Letters to the Editor