Well here’s an update for a region which has not seen much action at all, for some years now.

I have been corresponding with Des Richardson (Former R.O) and we are hoping to “liven-up” the region for 2017.

I have been touching base with our local Environment Agency representatives, Bristol Avon Rivers Trust, some of our local angling clubs, and attending our local area Angling Trust meetings.

I am especially interested in the Research & Conservation element of our Society, and it`s work for the preservation of our rivers, and the angling we all love. I am also keen that we all can share our knowledge, experience, and common ground, through meeting up socially.

There will be a meeting/R&C fundraiser to come (details to follow) which will be the first chance for many new members & local non-members to get together.

We are all aware that many of the few Barbel rivers we have in the region have all been affected with lower Barbel numbers. But, on a positive note, there is much work (and research funding) going into this from the societies perspective, and also from that of those other organisations we are working with. So the future for the region is looking much brighter than perhaps four years ago!

To all those who fall into this region or would like to pay the area a visit, or give any input, please do not hesitate to make contact, and we shall be able to make arrangements. And for those Society members (Countrywide) who wish to contribute or share anything, the same truly does apply.

Let’s look forward to a new year in Barbel fishing for our region, together with the Barbel Society!

Tight Lines,
Shaun Nurse.